Meet urgent needs at home. Reinvest in America. Cut the bloated military budget.

Members of Congress,

We hereby call upon Congress, as part of the pending December 13 budget agreement, to:

·       Cut the bloated, wasteful military budget by 25%-50% in addition to the military cuts already scheduled under sequestration. Savings achieved by these cuts should be used to fund critical social programs, including job training and re-employment for former war-industry employees.

·       Meet urgent needs at home by fully funding critical social programs and reinvesting in America. Such programs include food stamps, Social Security, improved/expanded Medicare for all, public education including college, affordable housing, mass transit, improved infrastructure and a full employment public jobs program to jump start the green economy, combat climate change, and make wars for oil obsolete.

·       Provide further funding for social programs by creating a more progressive income tax and by taxing Wall Street speculation.

Signed so far: