Stop The TPP! Conference Call #7


Wednesday, April 22, 2015 - 9:00pm


United States

Hello Fast Track Resisters!

A fast track bill was introduced in the Senate Finance Committee last Thursday and may be voted on as early as this Wednesday. The House Ways and Means Committee is starting to move on their version as well although the good news there is that the ranking member Sander Levin has declared "war" on fast track. See

This is still an uphill battle. It is important to continue contacting your member of Congress and planning actions to raise the visibility of fast track and the TPP. Remember that there are tools on Flush the TPP and an action map where you can post actions.

On this week's National Fast Track Resistance call, which is Wednesday night at 9 pm EDT/ 6 pm Pacific, our special guests are Leigh Haynes and Dr. Baij Mukhopadhhyay of the People's Health Movement. They will tell us first hand how these trade agreements impact health and what we can expect from the TPP.

Please share the meme below and urge your friends to join the call. There is more information and the registration link here:

You can hear recordings of the past calls here:

And if you tweet, please join the weekly Tuesday night twitter storm at 9 pm EDT @TPPMediaMarch #TPPMediaMarch

Please join us for the 7th in our series of weekly calls to organize resistance to fast track legislation in Congress. The calls are being organized by Popular Resistance, the Rolling Rebellion, InterOccupy and the Green Shadow Cabinet.

On each call we will provide a legislative update, a speaker on a specific topic related to fast track and TPP/TTIP and we will hold breakout groups to focus on specific organizing of teach-ins, visibility actions, using media and reaching members of Congress. We will also hold a breakout on basics of organizing for those who are new to it.

You must register for each call. You will be given a specific personal identification number (PIN). This allows the moderator of the call to see that you are there and when you indicate that you want to speak.


All are welcome to the call. Please spread the word.

We can defeat fast track if we all pitch in. Please do whatever you can to spread the word. Thank you.


In solidarity,