Stop The TPP! Conference Call #9


Wednesday, May 6, 2015 - 9:00pm


United States
The National Fast Track Resistance call is Wednesday, May 6 at 9 pm EDT/6 pm Pacific.
If you have registered, you will receive a separate reminder from InterOccupy with the phone number and your PIN. If you have not registered, click here to do so.
We are excited to announce that the speaker for tomorrow night's call is Mike Dolan of Teamsters. Mike will speak about the ways that the TPP threatens jobs and American labor.
This is a fundamental issue because hundreds of thousands and even millions of jobs would be lost under the TPP (not to mention other deals like TTIP, TISA, CETA) as corporations relocate to countries with lower wages and fewer worker/environmental protections.
Here are a few articles that you may find of interest before the call:
We encourage you to share this announcement of the call with others. We need as many people as possible to become active! Tell them to CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THE CALL.
We are in a crucial time in this fight because the Fast Track bill was just introduced two weeks ago! They are moving quickly to get more votes in the House and Senate and we must hold them off! Check the action map here and add your action.
Popular Resistance and allies are organizing lots of actions and events in Washington, DC and we invite you to join us by becoming a member of the Rapid Response team. Our actions will depend on what needs to be done. Contact Mackenzie at if you are interested.
Finally, if you missed the call last week with Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese on the recently introduced Fast Track bill, you can listen to the recording HERE!
Together we can and must stop fast track and the TPP!
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