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Daniel Shea

Veteran's Affairs: Chemical Exposure
Branch: General Welfare
Current Location: Portland, Oregon
Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Dan Shea, is a Vietnam combat veteran, is undergoing therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder and
health issues related to exposure to Agent Orange. Dan serves on the Agent Orange Relief
& Responsibility Campaign core committee. Dan is current member of Veterans For Peace and on the
Executive Committee of his local VFP chapter 72 in Portland Oregon. Dan comes from a long history of
Labor Activism and an activist volunteer with the Portland Central American Solidarity Committee/Hands
Off Latin America.

Returning to college in 1989 Dan became a student activists, formed the student group Students For
Unity, a group which helped to create an alternative radical newspaper The Rearguard, a student radio
station KPSU, Multicultural Center and a drop in childcare facility now APSU Children's Care Center.

Dan has his MFA in Art Mixed Media with a minor in International Economics and is a co-founder
and current executive director of Education WithOut Borders. Dan is a seasoned speaker, having his
own broadcast program in 1995 on KPSU campus radio which he co-found, toured the US on a trip to
Cuba 1994 speaking on panels with other delegates on the tour. In 2006 guest speaker in Venezuela
representing a Portland Central American Solidarity Committee and Veterans for Peace chapter 72 with a
Veterans perspective on the Wars in the Middle East and USA-Latin American adversary roles in Foreign
Policy and in March/April of 2006 went to Viet Nam spoke before commissions, roundtables, and foreign
press as a witness and victim of Agent Orange. Dan currently hosts a monthly cable access program
Veterans for Peace Forum. Topics from PTSD, Agent Orange, Counter Recruitment, Art & Revolution,
Sustainable Economics, Labor/Working Class struggles, Rape, Sexism, Homophobia and Racism in
the Military, Sanctuary both for Immigrants and for GI Resisters, Iraq Refugees and Foreign Policy
concerning current occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan.