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Harvey Wasserman

Secretary of Energy
Branch: Ecology
Current Location: Columbus, Ohio
Hometown: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Harvey Wasserman has been fighting for a Solartopian energy future since 1973, when he helped coin the phrase "No Nukes." His vision of a "green-powered Earth" includes a global economy based entirely on social justice, as well as on renewables, conservation and a whole new level of efficiency, including a modernized and vastly expanded mass transit system. Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts on the last day of 1945, Harvey helped pioneer the modern sustainable faming movement as a co-founder of the legendary Montague organic Farm in western Massachusetts in 1968. Harvey helped organize the 1976-8 Clamshell Alliance mass demonstrations at Seabrook, New Hampshire, where he was arrested in 1989. He also helped coordinate the 1979 No Nukes Concerts in Madison Square Garden, as well as that year's 200,000-person rally at Battery Park City, precursor to one of New York's largest solar housing developments. As Senior Advisor to the Greenpeace Safe Energy campaign (since 1990), Harvey spoke to 350,000 rock fans at the 1994 Woodstock 2 Music Festival. He writes regularly for the website, and currently edits In 2007 he helped coordinate the successful campaign to cancel $50 billion in proposed loan guarantees for new reactors. He also helped pioneer the movement for community-owned renewables, co-authoring (with Dan Juhl) the 2002 HARVESTING WIND ENERGY AS A CASH CROP. Harvey was arrested at the Diablo Canyon reactors in 1984, and is currently focussed on helped keep San Onofre Units 2 & 3 permanently shut, with a massive southern California shift to Solartopian sources.