Saudi Officials Must Be Prosecuted for Aggression Against Yemen

Monday, May 4, 2015

The Following is a transcript.  To see the full video at PressTV click here.

Press TV: Mr. Baraka, if the UN Security Council really wants to end the situation in Yemen, why is it that it rejects Russia’s proposal for an immediate ceasefire?

Baraka: It is incomprehensible. Here we have a clear humanitarian crisis in Yemen. The people of that country are suffering from this illegal bombing by Saudi Arabia and yet they fail to act.

It is absolutely outrageous that this would be allowed to continue. The real issue that should have been debated today was not really just a pause in the bombing campaign, but what the Russians or someone should be calling for is for the prosecution of the authorities in Saudi Arabia that gave the order for this vicious assault on the people of Yemen.

Press TV: And why do you think Saudi Arabia is rejecting the issue of peace talks?

Baraka: Clearly, King Salman is either inexperienced or delusional. He believes that he is going to be able to bomb the Houthis into surrender, that they are going to travel to Riyadh to engage in peace talks. What he is looking for a surrender. That is not going to happen.

The only thing that is going to happen is a continuation of the crisis for the Yemeni people and an escalation in such a way in which the Houthis may be forced to consider introducing forces into Saudi Arabia itself.

Press TV: Do you think Saudi Arabia is alone in this, and what benefit do its allies take from this war?

Baraka: You know, it is really complicated. It makes really no sense on one level. We know that the Saudis have an interest in perpetuating the narrative of this being a so-called proxy war. We know it is connected to the ongoing talks around the nuclear issue with Iran. We know that Israel is playing a role in the background. It is incomprehensible that they do not seem to understand that this situation continues to destabilize not just Yemen but the entire region.

And I think it is more a reflection of the inexperience of the new leadership in Saudi Arabia and the inability of the Obama administration to provide a real regional leadership for its client state.

Ajamu Baraka serves as Public Intervenor for Human Rights at the Green Shadow Cabinet