Cheri Honkala Arrested at KeystoneXL Protest

March 13, 2014
Cheri Honkala

Anti-poverty campaigner, Cheri Honkala, arrested with environmental activists, "Building a Bigger Movement for Justice".

On Monday March 10th, hundreds of protesters assembled in front of the Philadelphia Federal Building demanding that President Obama not issue a permit for the Keystone XL pipeline, a proposed 1,700 mile pipeline that would transport oil from the tar sands of Northern Canada to oil refineries in Texas.

Jill Stein talks Fracking on Workforce Radio

March 13, 2014

Green Shadow Cabinet President, Jill Stein, talks with Ed “Flash” Ferenc about the fracking industry's unmeasured costs which threaten worker health and safety, as well as America's air, water, climate and economic prosperity.

On the day when the news that Wall St bonuses jumped by 15% last year, Stein and Ferenc discuss the economy of, by, and for, the 1 percent.

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Apology to Chile - issued by the Green Shadow Cabinet - read at Memoria. Hablar. Dignidad 40

March 13, 2014
Villa Grimaldi Memorial - Tower of Peace Heros

On September 11, 2013, the 40 year anniversary of the Coup the ousted and killed the democratically elected Chilean President, Salvador Allende, the Green Shadow Cabinet published an apology on behalf of the United States of America, for our federal government and CIA’s role in the tragic death of Chile’s President, and support for the vicious Pinochet regime.

Fighting back against the NSA - Buttar on BlazeTV

March 6, 2014

Bill Of Rights Defence Committee director, and Director of Civil Rights Enforcement on the Green Shadow Cabinet, Shahid Buttar, on the campaign against the out of control NSA. Buttar considers the political angles - the Wall Street support, to the popular opposition from progressives to the Tea Party movement.

"It may very well be that these programs are beyond the Presidents reach." - Shahid Buttar

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An Emerging Global ‘Perfect Storm’?

February 20, 2014

What are the possible ‘contagion effects’ between the three ‘stormfronts’ - China, Emerging Markets, Eurozone - and how are ‘mutually amplifying’ feedbacks about to exacerbate problems in each—creating a three front global economic ‘perfect storm’?

Dr. Jack Rasmus on why the global economic crisis that emerged in 2007-08 may now be entering a ‘3rd Phase’