Statements of the Green Shadow Cabinet

In the Time of the Shadow Bankers

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Global shadow banks now control more than $70 trillion in investible assets, according to the Financial Times global periodical.

Political elements of both parties in the USA are eyeing the period after the election, during which the US tax code and general corporate tax revisions and cuts will be taken up. But nothing will happen before the November midterm elections. Jack Rasmus explains why.

On the Causes of Investment Decline in the US Economy

Monday, July 28, 2014

Is the chronically stagnant U.S. economic recovery since 2009 the result of insufficient income growth for most households—that is then necessary to stimulate consumption demand that, in turn would result in real investment that would create jobs? Or has the escalation of financial asset prices since 2009—itself the consequence of $10-$15 trillion of Fed and central bank liquidity injections— resulted in lower real investment in the U.S. and thus the failure of job and income growth?