Statements of the Green Shadow Cabinet

Popular Resistance: A Case Study In People Power

Monday, November 17, 2014

This week has been a turning point in a seven month campaign to Save the Internet. The campaign began when FCC Chair, Tom Wheeler, told the media in May that he was considering creating a tiered Internet where wealthy corporations could pay for faster service giving them an advantage over start-ups, small businesses, entrepreneurs and citizen activists.

On the Front Lines of Fighting Police Terror in The Capital

Friday, November 7, 2014

During the recent Black is Back Rally and Teach-In in Washington, D.C., I had the pleasure of interviewing Kenny Nero, one of the original organizers of the #DCFerguson movement. The group has organized marches with 300-700 participants that have shut down major economic thoroughfares in DC from Chinatown and H Street, to U Street and Georgetown. These demonstrations provided the impetus for DC Council member Tommy Wells to organize hearings on police brutality, harassment and terror in Washington DC.

Publicly subsidizing private schools is destroying community schools

Friday, October 24, 2014

Over twenty years ago, a group of education policymakers and politicians came together and created a fundamentally flawed policy of providing a public subsidy for private schools in Milwaukee. This subsidy program is now poised for statewide implementation, and unlike twenty years ago, we can now say with great certainty that this program is contributing to the systemic destruction of public education in Wisconsin.

The Eurozone’s ‘New Austerity Model’

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

In the coming weeks and months, as the Eurozone economy weakens still further, it is likely that debates and splits within the Eurozone capitalist elites will continue to intensify.

The Eurozone economy has never really recovered from the 2008-09 financial crash and recession. Austerity policies—that played a major role in preventing a sustained Eurozone economic recovery for the past five years—are now evolving into still newer forms.