COX: Earth Day, Revolution, and Spaceship Earth

April 22, 2013

Frederich Nietzsche once declared that “the democratic tempo is much too slow and sleepy for the impatient ones.”  Those who are in the business of environmental degradation for profit have been at the control panel of what our friend Mr. Fuller called 'spaceship Earth' far too long.  Gone is the luxury of slow, incremental change that the American democratic experiment has routinely rested upon, and in fact depended upon for the justification for doing nothing in the face of imminent socioeconomic and ecological crises.  

Let Earth Day become much more than a pageant of mainstream environmentalism.  Let it become the central staging ground for what can only be called the long overdue revolution of the American governmental apparatus.  No, not the kind of revolution the frightened, sycophantic media thinks of when they hear the word.  Let it be a revolution of humanity-level thinking; a revolution in the way that humanity and nature co-evolve.  

The vulgar demands of our corporate masters for endless accumulation of capital has brought about the desperate need to rethink the processes of the production of the means of our subsistence.  What we need now is a whole-sale re-examination of the taproot assumptions that inform the social, political, and economic organizational foundations of human society in modernity.  

The current American government is dangerously ill-equipped to handle this task.  That is why I have agreed to serve on the Green Shadow Cabinet.  I believe that a different, more just government is possible.  As an academic in the area of political ecology and international affairs, my role as a member of the Ecology Council will be to muster the greatest thinkers I can find, for the purpose of challenging that common wisdom that created the platform for the degradation of the Earth system.  It will be a long, never-ending struggle, but it must be engaged.

On this Earth Day, I make an oath to the world that I will do everything in my power, as a thinker and as an activist, to urge humanity to finally accept the death of homo economicus, the opportunistic profit-seeking animal.  The ignorant inequity between humanity and nature shall only be repaired when we remember the simple fact that we are all the dependents of the global ecosystem.  The Earth system itself is screaming for our attention, just like the millions of homeless and hungry children across this unjustifiably wealthy country.  Let's justify the wealth, not the poverty.

We urge you to think of Earth Day as so much more than pageantry and celebration of being green.  It is a place to launch a movement to wrest control of spaceship Earth from the corporate oligarchs who stole it from us long ago.  Taking back the helm will require independence of mind and collectivity of action.  Nothing short of revolution.